Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 17, 2010

The Walnut Valley Festival

This weekend, in Winfield, Kansas, the Walnut Valley Festival is underway.  The festival is the site of the national flatpick guitar championship, along with competitions for mandolin, banjo, fiddle and dulcimer.

Thousands of musicians of all skill levels, accompanied by friends and families have descended upon the fairgrounds for a jam-packed (pun intended) weekend of camping, making music, and enjoying the shows and competitions, which are held on 4 official stages.

In addition to the “official” stages, there are three other sites available for entertainment provided by festival attendees.

Keith and I have been festival regulars until the past few years when travels have taken us elsewhere, but each September, our hearts go out to Winfield where good friends gather to make music and enjoy an experience like no other.

Whether or not you are a musician, should you find yourself looking for the experience of a lifetime, make plans to be in Kansas the third weekend of September, for more fun than you thought you could ever have!


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