Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 18, 2010

Thanks Los Ojos!

Once again, Los Ojos Saloon and Restaurant, and the people of Jemez Springs, New Mexico, gave us a warm welcome yesterday evening.

After setting up, we headed across the street to the charming Jemez Mountain Inn, to visit with Paul and Luana, proprietors. It was nice to sit with friends in a cozy atmosphere and de-stress before the show.

At 5 p.m. we were on stage, sharing our music with a small group of locals and tourists. It is always encouraging when there are at least a few live bodies in the audience 🙂

The crowd grew as the evening continued, and soon the place was bustling with couples and families dining, and singles lined up at the bar. One young boy, around eight years old, couldn’t resist, and was dancing in the aisles.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is the people you meet who make the traveling experience special.

Last night we met Brian, who travels frequently to Las Cruces on business, and who never misses the chance to stop at Los Ojos for great food and camaraderie. He enjoyed the show, and gave a whistle at our rendition of “Sunshine Superman”. He requested an Arlo Guthrie tune, which we promised to add to future shows, in his honor. Bian is also a fan of “The Waifs”, from Australia, so check out their sound if you can.

We also had a nice visit with Jim – a musician from Detroit who arrived thirty years ago, and decided to make it his home. Jim invited us to a music festival today, to raise money for the various non-profits in the Jemez Valley.  It will be fun to attend, and meet some of the local talent. Of course, our guitars will be in the truck, just in case someone would like to jam.

After the show, we were treated to yet another fabulous meal of home-made tamales and chile rellenos (with green sauce), by Los Ojos owner, Brian.

Then, exhausted yet satisfied, we returned “home”, to dream of next year when we plan to be back on stage for yet another good time in Jemez Springs.



  1. Glad it was an evening of great music, great company, and great food! And, of course, dancing in the aisles. =)

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