Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 19, 2010

Sunday Will Never be the Same

Sunday: the first day of the week, yet also the last day of the weekend. Bit of a paradox, wouldn’t you say?

Keith and I were doing a bit of reflecting on the topic of “Sunday” this morning, as our thoughts turn to all of our friends in Winfield, Kansas, who are packing up their camps and heading for home after the 39th annual Walnut Valley Festival.

Returning to work and mundane responsibilities after spending an idyllic week of camping and making music, has always been the toughest part of the whole “Winfield Experience”. However, it is never bad enough to keep you from going back!

One of the most interesting things about Sunday, after retirement, is that it becomes something of a “non-day”.

For all of your working life, Sunday was bittersweet. It was, after all, still part of the weekend, but you knew that you had to go back to the work or school routine the next day, and that took a bit of the fun out of the day.

When you are retired, the sting of returning to required activity the day after Sunday is neutralized. Weekends melt into weekdays as life morphs into one continuous day, broken up by periods of darkness and light.

Eventually, it becomes important to simply remind yourself what day the rest of the world is living, so that you don’t get lost. Kind of a nice problem to have, so you won’t hear us complaining.

But, for those whose retirement is still on the horizon, Keith has some musical words of wisdom for you today: If you have to face “Monday, Monday”, just remember “Your Day Will Come”, and “Sunday Will Never be the Same”.

(We plead guilty to the use of poetic license with “Our Day Will Come” )


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