Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 21, 2010

Preparing to Take Off

Today is yet another gorgeous New Mexico day with low humidity and temperatures in the high 80’s. It is a quiet afternoon, and I sit looking out at a bank of clouds attempting to climb over the Sandia mountains. As I write, Keith and our cat nap in the other room.

It’s a good day to simply hang out at home. The Sandia Peak Tramway and Coronado State Monument, which are still on our list of “To Do’s” for the week, are closed on Tuesdays so we are in forced relaxation mode.

Our time in New Mexico for the year is drawing to a close. We leave this Sunday for a two-day trip back to Kansas. We will visit family and friends in the Lawrence/Ottawa area and take care of some business before heading to Williamsburg, Virginia for a baby shower. My daughter, Laurelin, and her husband, Matt, are expecting their first child in late December.

We’ve been planning our routes and reading campground reviews, printing out mapquest directions (yes, although we have OnStar in the truck, we still like the security of the old-fashioned printed directions that we can hold in our hands and reference, if necessary), and making lists of what we need to do and who we need to see while in the area. It will be a busy five days but we are looking forward to it!



  1. “Forced relaxation mode” haha! I like that! Have a safe journey – SusanB

    • Hi Susan,
      Enjoyed your comment. Ah yes, you laugh ~ but “forced relaxation” is sometimes harder than random activity. Sort of like meditation 🙂

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