Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 27, 2010

Meade City Park

Yesterday, we packed up camp and headed back to Kansas from Rio Rancho, NM. We decided to make it a two-day trip, ending early on the second day, rather than doing all 13 hours in one stretch.

It was a fairly straightforward trip ~ Highway 40 east to the junction of Highway 54, and then 54 across Kansas to connect with Interstate 35, to Ottawa.

We dry camped overnight at the city park in Meade, Kansas, and if you are ever traveling on Highway 54 and need a place to stay, we highly recommend it.

The park itself is lovely, with a huge canopy of old cottonwood trees. It’s also free – and right on the highway, so it couldn’t be more convenient.

There is a sign for the designated camping area, which is not set up to accommodate a large group of campers, but is wonderful for a few, and we were the only inhabitants of the park last night.

After a good rest and a great cup of coffee at the park, we took off for Ottawa, which is where we are this evening.

Tomorrow we take the fifth wheel in to the dealership for a few warranty repairs. Once we have our home back, our plans are to camp at Clinton Lake Corps of Engineers Park for the remainder of the week, before leaving for Williamsburg, Virginia.



  1. I visit my Dad in KC every other Thursday for lunch. I will be going thru Lawrence on the 30th and may try to stop and see you world travelers if I am able to find you.

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