Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 1, 2010

Oh, The People You’ll Meet ~ Part Two

When not much is happening in a campground, even washing your truck becomes a big neighborhood event, and that is how we met Reinhold.

Our Chevy Diesel hadn’t been cleaned since we left Kansas, and was in serious need of attention. So, one afternoon we gathered our supply of vehicle washing paraphernalia and headed outside.

About an hour into the ordeal, up walks Reinhold, a feisty German with a taste for scotch and the uncanny ability to juggle life with four ex-wives.

He came over to chat and to make sure that we were aware of some bubbles on the skin of our fifth wheel, and to offer expert advice on how to deal with road tar, and the mineral deposits that we were leaving on the truck as we washed, due to the extremely hard Rio Rancho water.

The next few days provided a number of opportunities to spend more time together, and to learn his story.

Reinhold arrived in the United States at age 19, in the early 1950’s. Experience servicing Volkswagons in Germany earned him a job at a Volkswagon dealership in Chicago.

He worked hard and partied hearty, and learned from the school of hard knocks, lessons such as…never inhale when you are practicing fire-breathing with mouthfuls of gasoline and a zippo lighter.

Now retired, Reinhold travels comfortably in his Class A motorhome, and is currently planning a trip to Alaska in 2010.

We wish him safe travels and hope that our paths cross again.

Happy Motoring, Reinhold!

Keith and Reinhold, Rio Rancho, NM


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