Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 5, 2010

Our “Newest” Home

6 p.m. Tuesday, October 5th…we sit outside on our patio, nursing a Marguerita in honor of having survived the trek east, and having landed safely in our newest home: American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Tall pines and deciduous trees hover overhead, and provide a gorgeous view from where we sit.

I had not read good reviews about campgrounds in the Williamsburg area, and I was prepared for the worst, but as we drove down the tree-lined lane to the American Heritage entrance, my fears were replaced with gratitude that we had managed to find such a lovely spot to call home for the next month.

Our day started around 6:30 p.m., when were were wakened from a deep sleep by a cat fight outside, and the knowledge that one of the animals involved was probably our cat. After breaking up the fight, we got Catty Jones inside, and doctored her wounds: a small cut on her ear, and punctures on her left front foot.

Two cups of coffee and an hour or so later, we were on the road. We drove through misty rain for several hours, but it was not a problem, and the scenery was so captivating that it made it worthwhile to drive through some rain.

We enjoyed amazing views of mountains and trees, just beginning to show their colors, and more mountains and trees ~ all day long…even to the campground exit at Williamsburg.

Tomorrow we will have lunch with my daughter, Laurelin, and her husband, Matt, who are expecting their first child in December… the incentive to make the trip east this fall and winter.

Homemade chicken soup is warming on the stove….Keith just brought me another drink….life is good 🙂


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