Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 7, 2010

Blessed Nest

We walked up to the door of the classic brick colonial home set amidst the trees, and were welcomed by my smiling daughter, Laurelin.

It had been about 18 months since we had seen one another, so her hug was especially comforting, and it was a treat to see her blossoming belly ~ now home to my first grandchild, expected in late December.

We sat with steaming cups of tea, at the table by the brick hearth in the kitchen, and talked the stream-of-consciousness talk of old friends who need to catch up.

Of course, pregnancy, babies and baby showers were hot topics of the day, and I came bearing a simple gift that should make a big difference in Laurie’s comfort, now and after the baby is born.

The gift is a Blessed Nest Organic Nesting Pillow, handmade with love, and hand carried from Kansas.

Just last week, we had the delightful opportunity to have lunch with the pillow’s designer ~ a lovely and energetic woman with a passion for creating well-designed, handmade, organic products with love.

The pillows are useful during pregnancy, while nursing or bottle feeding, as a support for the baby as it grows, and I am told, they also work great as a yoga or travel pillow!

I’ll check in with Laurie as the weeks and months go by, and provide updates on her experiences with the Blessed Nest Pillow.




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