Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 7, 2010

The “Invisible” City and the Backpacking Cat

The Invisible City…

After living on the prairie for so many years, in towns laid out on a north-south, east-west grid, we are finding it difficult to navigate this beautiful land of tree-lined, winding roads.

There are no landmarks, like “the big red barn”, or even “the corner store”.

For the most part, you just can’t see anything other than trees, and the wildest thing is that there are homes and shops, and people bustling right on the other side of the greenbelt!

Now, we aren’t talking about the 30-40 ft. trees we are used to back in Kansas…oh no…these bad boys are gigantic – maybe 80-100 ft. tall!

They make such a dense cover that you think you are driving through a deserted forest, when in reality, you’re traveling right through the city of Williamsburg, Virginia – the “invisible city” we currently call home.

The Backpacking Cat…

This morning, as we were enjoying our coffee in the warm Virginia sun, a young boy or about age 12 or so, came out of his camper, carrying a backpack and an enormous, fluffy cat.

He walked up to the picnic table, opened the backpack, and began to stuff the cat inside.

We watched, curious to see how he would fare, as we could imagine what it would be like to be stuffing our cat in to a backpack – not fun!

He began by lifting the cat high into the air, and then lowered its hind legs into the bag. As the cat squirmed – he stuffed one front leg, and then another into the backpack.

He left the cat’s head sticking out, cinched the ties at the top of the bag around its neck, and then popped the backpack onto his back and grabbed his bicycle.

The last we saw, the boy road past our camp on his bike, with the cat happily peeking out of the top of the backpack!

Wish we’d had our camera.




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