Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 19, 2010

Back in Business

The festivities are over. The last out-of-town guest flies home today, and we are left with wonderful memories of the baby shower and time spent with those we love.

Laurie and Matt’s home was filled with well-wishers on Saturday afternoon, as we gathered to celebrate the baby, who at this time remains a mystery in both the gender and name departments.

The buffet table featured tempting treats…Steak au Poivre Crostini, Mediterranean Pinwheels, White Bean Dip with Rosemary and Sage, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Vegetable and cheese skewers, and a beautiful fruit arrangement.

The crowning glory of the edibles, though, were the cupcakes from Carrot Tree Kitchens! Massive mountains of moist cake piled high with the creamiest frosting ever ~ carrot with cream cheese, or chocolate with chocolate. It takes a hearty appetite to eat the whole thing…and believe me, we tried!

Refreshments were followed by a rousing game of Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy, hosted by our very own Alex Trebek, played by Keith. It was a fun and interesting game, and I must say that a couple of the teams took their nursery rhymes very seriously!

After the game, it was time to turn to the “loot”…thoughtfully chosen and lovely gifts ~ some handmade ~ gifted to Laurie and Matt.

Gifts-giving was followed by delightful conversation, as the afternoon came to a close.

Here is a pic of the mom and dad-to-be!

Matt and Laurie Opening Gifts



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