Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 4, 2010

Good-bye Williamsburg

It’s a drizzly day in Williamsburg, with a bit of fall chill in the air.

Lots of atmosphere, with autumn leaves strewn about the campground floor.

It really is beautiful, and I must say that I will miss this place for many reasons, when we pack up camp tomorrow after a month here, and make our way south to White Springs, Florida for the winter.

The biggest and most personal reason that I will miss Williamsburg, is that it is home to my soon-to-be grandchild.

Just 8 or so weeks lie between now and when the child will make its entrance into this world of ours, and I am excited!

Other reasons are connected to the place itself. The geography is absolutely beautiful! Tall trees, winding rivers, and ocean beaches nearby. We didn’t see it all on this trip, and so we will return.

There is also such amazing history in this place, and a dedication to preserve it for future generations. The sights to see are not your usual amusement parks, but rather actual historic sites which shaped the history of our nation.

I commend the people of Williamsburg in their efforts to keep these places alive for the rest of us. I have never been in a city that takes such great care to keep its roadsides so pristine. I’ve even seen road crews out edging the medians around the historic sites!

When we first came to town, I blogged about how hard it was to find our way around all the winding, tree-lined streets. Mapquest came in handy, but now that we have navigated Williamsburg for a while and created a mental image of how streets connect, we can make our way around town with confidence, and are sure you will be able to do the same, should you choose to visit, which I suggest you do!


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