Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 8, 2010

Remembering GK

It is four years ago today that Gary Kroeker, my partner of 18 years and husband of nine months, was killed on his way home from work, when a truck pulled out in front of his motorcycle on the highway.

In a split second his life was ended, and the lives of all who knew and loved him were changed forever.

GK, as the kids and I called him, was a kind and creative man who enjoyed a good cigar and cheap Macaroni Grill wine.

He was a master woodworker and accomplished blacksmith, and left the world exactly as he wanted to ~ while riding his Harley Road King.

On a 2006 trip to the Mojave Desert, GK, my daughter, Laurelin, and I visited Kelso Dunes, an amazing place of white, shifting sands and minimalist beauty.

Foot trouble made hiking an impossibility for GK, and he was frustrated that he couldn’t make it to the top of the dunes. It was one of the few regrets he had in life.

As a final tribute to GK, I will be taking his ashes to Kelso Dunes ~ all the way to the top ~  on my next trip west.

At present, he rides with Keith and I, and Gator Bait, and will be spending the winter in Florida.

GK at Kelso Dunes



  1. What a fitting tribute to Gary.

    • Thanks, BD…for your comment and for being our friend 🙂

  2. I miss Kroeker so much

    • Yeah. If you are interested, go to facebook and search for “Share the Road with Motorcycles”. It’s a facebook page for motorcycle awareness that Gary’s son, Aric, started. He used the logo that a friend at Apple Graphix in Wichita, KS designed for the motorcycle safety campaign we did for two years in Wichita, after GK was killed.

      • I see your signs around town. One down the block. Watch for motorcycles everywhere – or something similar. I always think of you two.

      • Yes, every time I see one of those signs I remember, too. And if they can save just one life, he wold be happy.

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