Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 11, 2010

Workamping ~ Day One

OK. So today we begin…after months of saying that we would be workamping at Suwannee Valley Campground for the winter, we are finally getting down to the job.

The campground is a very laid-back place. They gave us plenty of time to hang out and get the feel of things, before beginning our training.

It appears that I will start learning the ropes in the office, while Keith rides around with “the guys” in a golf cart to learn propane dispensing and trash collecting.

But that’s just today ~ we will meet with the campground owner tomorrow, to discuss our skills and how they can be put to best use for the 10 hours per week that we are committed to work.

We have been asked to play for the campground guests at a barbecue this weekend, but we won’t know until today, whether it will be tomorrow or Saturday. (Told you they were laid back!)

Our weather is gorgeous.

Gator Bait is having fun trolling for small lizards under leaves in our yard.

Haven’t caught any fish yet, but found out yesterday where a good catfish hole might be.

Also found out where a gator is reported to live on the river bank.

Hope we never really find out whether or not it’s true!



  1. Oh, I just can’t do Gator Bait. She’ll always be Lola to me. =) Have fun on your first days workamping!

    • I agree, it could be a troublesome name, but we always speak it in love. Thanks for your well wishes!

  2. Sounds like the perfect “job.”

    I hope Gator Bait isn’t really gator bait. I don’t know if I’ve told you about our 2 cats. We got them from my son as kittens and they’ve grown up with our dog so they think and act more like dogs (including going on our morning walk with us). They’re quite a pair!. The names are Pepper (he’s black peppered) and Pumpkin (he’s orange of course).

    Have fun and stay away from the gators.

    • We’re keeping that cat away from the river…so far, so good. Pet your “dogs” for me!

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