Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 13, 2010

Friday Night at Suwannee Valley

It’s Friday night, 5:30 p.m., at Suwannee Valley.

The campground is packed to near capacity, and campers, young and old, are making their way over to The Pavillion for black angus burgers and hot dogs (plus your choice of chips and soda ~ $5).

“The Season” has finally arrived, and planned fun for guests is beginning with this first Friday event.

After filling their plates, campers wander into the Rec Hall to feast, and enjoy live music provided by yours truly – “Me and My Baby”.

We played from 5:30 – 7:30 while guests dined, relaxed, and digested in preparation for the Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar slated for 7:30.

Our set list included a little something for everyone: Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, Bob Wills, Iris DeMent, Hank Williams, Donovan, The Eagles, Grateful Dead, and Atlanta Rhythm Section, to name a few.

It was tricky to please folks from such a wide age range, but we must have done the job, if nods, smiles and applause are your measurement for success 🙂

After the set, we joined the audience for bowls piled high with vanilla ice cream, then proceeded down the buffet line to add home-made hot fudge and other toppings, complete with whipped cream and cherries!

Now, most people would think that this was enough fun for one evening, but NO – these campers party hearty!

At 8 p.m., they pulled out Bingo cards and markers, for a rousing game: $1 per card ~ 6 cards for $5.

I’ve not played Bingo since I was a child, but decided to give it a go.

The room was deathly silent as the caller shouted out letters and numbers – the background music had been squelched, at the players’ request. Contestants studied their cards studiously, and I soon realized that Bingo is serious business, and settled in for the long haul.

We played for about an hour, and were lucky enough to break even at the end of the game.

It was then that the crowd began to disperse, and happy campers headed for home, to dream of their fun-filled night at Suwannee Valley Campground, amidst Spanish Moss covered trees and mild temperatures. Aaahh, Florida!



  1. It was good to hear where you are and that you are enjoying life–in a beautiful setting with a special friend. As you may know, we did sell Cero’s–to a mother and daughter. I believe that they will make a go of it. Mom is an accountant with a keen business sense. The daughter loves creating beautiful food and has experience doing that. In addition she has an MBA. All the existing Cero’s staff was re-hired, at least for the holiday season.

    • Hi Rose Mary, It was good to hear from you. No, I hadn’t heard about Cero’s Candies being sold, but I hope the new owners recognize how much love and energy, not to mention money, that so many people put into the business to keep it going. I’m glad to know that the existing staff has a chance to continue working, if only through the busy seasons coming up. Sure do miss that chocolate! Give my best to everyone at MHA.

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