Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 15, 2010

Small Town America

Some days it seems as if we have landed, and live, in a completely different world from the one we left in August.

Here in White Springs, Florida, there is no hustle and bustle.

There isn’t much traffic, and not that many people ~ just over 800 at the last census.

We hear no highway noise ~ no airplanes overhead.

Other than an occasional barking dog, or leaves crunching as a neighbor walks by, it’s always quiet.

We live simply under the blue sky and tall trees decorated with Spanish Moss. Those trees are gorgeous!

The ground is sand, and I can’t really imagine how those trees can keep upright with the shifting soil around their roots.

Our days are uncomplicated. We wake when we’re ready, and sit with mugs of steaming coffee.

After breakfast, we take our walk: a time or two down and up the stairway to the Suwannee River, and then a mile or two, depending on what seems right.

Tuesday I work 10 hours at the campground office, and Keith takes care of outdoor maintenance for 5 hours.

After that, I am done for the week, but Keith puts in another 5 hours on Sundays.

Our 20 combined hours pay for our campsite and hook-ups. It works out well, and it’s so nice to be able to walk to work and be there in two minutes!

The pace at which we lived our lives for so many years has slowed down so much that is sometimes seems unreal, and that is a wonderful feeling.

It must be the way our ancestors lived…in time with the rising and setting of the sun.

We enjoy the serenity that has crept into our beings as our lives have changed, and are grateful to be in this place, which we lovingly refer to as Mayberry RFD.


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