Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 17, 2010

Third Time’s a Charm?

Let’s hope so!

Last January, we bought a brand new 2009 Chevy 3/4 ton Duramax Diesel pick-up right off the showroom floor.

It’s the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned, but it doesn’t care about “being nice” – it’s the workhorse of the family, and easily pulls our fifth wheel anywhere we want to travel.

Not long after we bought it, we had a huge 4-day-long moving sale in Ottawa, Kansas. People from all over the area showed up, and piled their vehicles high with our junk (their treasures).

During the sale, in July, someone managed to back into our truck, and simply drove off without mentioning the mishap. Result? Trip #1 to the body shop.

In October, while in Williamsburg, Virginia, for my daughter’s baby shower, the truck met with a similar fate, but this time the driver owned up to their mistake, and generously paid for trip #2 to the body shop.

I’m sure by now you know what’s coming next…yesterday, after an afternoon of fishing, Keith packed up his gear and, since he wasn’t going far, left the tailgate down for the short drive back to our campsite.

Well, everyone forgets things now and then, and somehow, Keith managed to forget that the tailgate was down as he parked at our tree-covered campsite. OK – you guessed it – that tailgate kissed a tree as he was backing up, and now it’s time to prepare for trip #3 to the body shop.

Hopefully, the old adage “The third time is a charm” will prove to be true, and this will be the last time we ever have to repair that poor pick-up!


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