Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s going to be 85 degrees here in Florida today, and it’s hard to really believe that it’s the end of November!

This afternoon at 2 p.m., we will be attending a campground Thanksgiving dinner for about 40 people.

The campground owners are providing 70 lbs. of turkey, and campers will be bringing the rest of the “fixins”.

I imagine we will need to take a long walk after our meal so we don’t turn into slugs!

As I sit at the computer with my morning coffee, I am thinking of all our family and friends spread across the entire country.

We are so lucky to have you all in our lives, and I hope each one of you has your best Thanksgiving ever!



  1. It was a brisk Thanksgiving day here. It really is a typical November. It sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving. My son and family had Thanksgiving dinner with us and Dean’s son’ and family spent the day with us on Friday (eating left-overs). It’s such a special time to be with family and I’m happy that you had so much “family” to help you celebrate Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks for thinking of us on Thanksgiving. It’s always fun to hear what’s going on in our reader’s lives, since blogging is kind of a one-way street!

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