Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 1, 2010

Gator Sighting #1

Keith has been on an ongoing quest for gators ever since we were in Texas and came upon a gator in the dark.

All we experienced on that meeting was a loud hissing growl.

Yesterday afternoon while I was working in the campground office, Keith spent some time “way down upon the Suwannee river”, in search of alligators.

Making his way along the riverbank, he noticed a large rock at the water’s edge, and thought for a moment that there just might be something spread out on top of the rock, but he couldn’t tell for sure.

He sat down to take a closer look.

As his eyes adjusted to the scene, he realized that right there, on the opposite bank, was a genuine Florida gator, sunning himself on top of that rock.

Now, the gator only measured about four feet long – small by gator standards – but you sure wouldn’t want to meet up with him on a walk, or find him on the end of your fishing line some lazy afternoon.

Keith immediately pulled out his cell phone to take a picture and document this momentous occasion, but the gator’s coloring was so similar to the rock and its other surroundings that it was invisible in a photo.

Logically (male logic), there was only one thing to do – get closer for a better look, and a better chance at a picture.

The gator appeared to be napping soundly, but as Keith approached carefully, the gator quickly slipped off the rock back into the coal black water of the Suwannee, keeping out of sight for the rest of the afternoon.

However, as gators are territorial, there is a pretty good chance that he can catch another glimpse of this guy, and you can be sure that he will be armed with a better camera on his next gator hunt!



  1. I have really been enjoying your daily blogs. Keep it up ! I can live vicariously thru your interesting encounters.


    • Nice to hear from you, and to know that our efforts are appreciated šŸ™‚ Remember, you don’t have to live vicariously, you can come down and join us for a visit anytime…just wait until after the “Cold Snap” – today’s post!

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