Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 4, 2010

Quest for the Perfect Breakfast Deal

This post is dedicated to my brother-in-law, Dave, who absolutely loves breakfast, and who is on a never-ending quest for the perfect breakfast deal…a plate piled high with tasty home cooking, at a reasonable price.

Enter Fat Belly’s in White Springs, Florida, located right next to Bud’s Suds Laundromat (fodder for another post).

This morning we decided to treat ourselves to sleeping in and breakfast at Fat Belly’s, after working all week on our music, and playing yet another Friday night show.

We’d heard about Fat Belly’s through the campground grapevine – it was close and we were hungry, and I had noticed yesterday that they open at 5 a.m.

We walked through the door at 10. The interior was clean and it didn’t take more than a minute or so after we seated ourselves, for the server to deliver menus and tableware.

The menu included full breakfast options like omelets, eggs, pancakes, sausage and such. What caught our eyes were the Breakfast Specials – just $3.99 each. I ordered one and Keith ordered the other.

It wasn’t long before our server was back with our meals: two eggs over-easy, homemade hash browns, a nice slice of smoked ham and a huge fresh biscuit for me; two eggs over-easy, two sausage patties, and a huge biscuit sliced in half and heaped with sausage gravy for Keith. Two mugs of steamy, hot coffee rounded out the meal.

It’s been 5 hours since breakfast and we haven’t been hungry since.

So Dave – when you come through Florida in December, try to pencil in a trip to Fat Belly’s – our treat!



  1. I look forward to it.

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