Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 7, 2010

Toboggans: North vs. South

First of all, I never in a million years thought I would be blogging about toboggans. I even had to check the spelling of the word before I started today’s post.

Second, although I knew there would be some culture shock to deal with when we moved “down south” for the winter, I figured it would be over language or cuisine.

The other day, as temperatures cooled on a breezy day, I popped a stocking cap onto my head before going out for a walk, as my ears can’t take the cold wind.

As Keith and I were strolling through the campground, one of the octogenarians we stopped to greet, said to me: “You’d better hang onto that toboggan or I might just steal it from you!”

Now, I certainly was not walking around with a toboggan, and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I just stood there with an odd look on my face, indicating that one of us was obviously clueless.

He: “You’ve never heard of a toboggan?”

Me: “Why sure, it’s a long, flat-bottomed sled that you ride down snow covered hills on in the winter.”

He: (laughing) “That’s what folks down south call those knit hats like the one you have on your head…what do you call them?”

Me: (laughing) “Knit hats or stocking caps, I guess, but never toboggans.”

He: “Guess it’s a southern thing.”

Then it happened again… yesterday, as it was still cold out, I donned my stocking cap once again, and as we were walking down the road, another guy from the campground – a younger guy this time – said “Hey Keith, from a distance I thought you had yourself another woman – it looked like she had dark hair with that toboggan on her head.”

Now, the visual image of me with a toboggan on my head is a scream, and we just couldn’t help but laugh for a while after we set him straight.

It’s cold again today – evening lows in the 30’s, highs in the 50’s – so I will no doubt be walking around with a toboggan on my head once again. And now, even though I “get” the joke, it will still be good for a laugh whenever someone mentions it 🙂



  1. Hi BE,
    Dean and I were discussing your blogs and think you should write a book about your experiences and the people you meet. You are a very good writer! I can visualize everything from your descriptions.
    Stay warm!

    • You are too kind…thanks for the comment, and I’m glad that you enjoy my posts, but I imagine that any editor worth his or her salt would cringe at my generous overuse of punctuation, and a host of other writing errors I no doubt commit on a regular basis!

  2. Ha ha! You sleigh me! Great story – Susan

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