Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 9, 2010

NPR Report

Just a short post this morning, on a news report we actually heard today on NPR – the University of Florida station.

Keith was busy making pancakes as I sat around doing nothing.

The announcer had just wrapped up a story on how students at U.F. were up in arms about their football coach, Urban Meyer, walking away from a multi-million dollar job and incredibly successful coaching career.

The story aired interviews with a number of students. Some were upset, and others understood. My favorite was the young man who had the nerve to state – on the radio – that he was extremely upset because the only reason he is staying an extra semester at college is for the football! Sure hope his parents weren’t listening, or paying for his tuition!

Ah, but I digress from the story I wanted to share with you…after the earth-shattering news about coach Meyer, the announcer began in a serious tone: “Now that temperatures are down in the 50’s, Floridians are staying indoors in record numbers to escape from the cold.”

Seriously, she really said that! And then followed up with man-on-the-street comments like “I can’t go outside without mittens and a hat, and my feet get really cold.”

I guess it’s all relative, but I imagine that my readers who are currently shivering in truly cold temps won’t be able to muster up too much compassion for the poor folks in Florida…just take some comfort in knowing that they feel your pain đŸ™‚


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