Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 15, 2010

The Sagittarius Child

I had some free time today while working in the campground office, so I decided to roam around online and see where it would take me.

After checking e-mail and facebook on a quest for new baby pics, I ended up on “The Sagittarius Child” page of an astrology website.

Now, I am not a person who permits astrology to rule my life, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I read my horoscope, but I have to admit that I did enjoy reading about my grandson’s sun sign – Sagittarius – and it will be interesting to watch him as he grows and develops his personality, to see if he does indeed display characteristics of the Sagittarius child.

If you google “The Sagittarius Child”, you will come up with an overwhelming number of websites offering their interpretation of this sun sign, but they all seem to agree that these children are gregarious, adventurous, intelligent and brutally honest.

The website that I found most interesting is Teach Through Love, an organization dedicated to “Conscious Parenting for Progressive Parents”, according to their mission statement.

In addition to a wealth of information on raising children, and a host of parent support services, Teach Through Love has compiled and adapted a series of child horoscopes based on “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs”, a book and author I am familiar with, and respect.

The horoscopes explain the temperament and tendencies of each type of child, and offer contemporary advice on how to relate to your child and help them to develop into emotionally strong and well-rounded adults. I found it refreshing.

As I read my grandson, Bennett’s, horoscope, I understood that my daughter and her husband are the perfect parents for this little boy, and that they are already wise, and engaging in parenting practices to assure his sense of security and comfort even in these first few days of his life.

For example, and I quote directly from the Sagittarius Child page on their website: “The sunny nature of Sagittarius child seeks out comradeship at an early age. They’re open-hearted and desperately need to be liked for all they are. If you ignore these children, you will break their hearts. You would do well to wear your baby and do a lot of snuggling.

In fact, leave them alone as little as possible in the early months. They’ll sleep much sounder next to your heart or at least inside a bassinet that is perched right by your side while you’re making dinner. There are many wraps and baby carriers on the market to choose from. The familiar sounds of mama and papa will lull your Sagittarius baby to sleep faster than any lullaby box.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “wearing your baby”, I can tell you that it certainly is not a new practice, but rather an ancient practice that is being reintroduced by a new generation of parents who prefer to snuggle their baby against their bodies in a “wrap”, rather than carry them around in a plastic carrier.

Luckily for Bennett, his parents have planned all along to “wear” him, and to keep him close to their skin as much as possible in his early days. They also have opted out of the traditional “crib in the nursery”, for a portable Moses Basket that will keep him cozy and contented, and provide the emotional security and support that his little Sagittarius self needs.

It’s good to know that Bennett is in good hands…and I can tell you that I am really looking forward to the day I can finally hold him in my arms!

(If you have a Sagittarius child or grandchild, and would like to read the full horoscope, just click here)


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