Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 17, 2010

Fat Belly’s ~ Update

A while back, I wrote about Fat Belly’s, a great little restaurant in White Springs, Florida.

I talked about how my brother-in-law from Oklahoma would love it, as he is always on a quest for a good breakfast deal.

I also said that I would treat him to breakfast there, the next time he was in town.

Well, today I got the chance!

He and his wife were on their way back from a week’s vacation in St. Augustine…of course, they would pick the coldest week in a coon’s age to come to Florida, but they still managed to get some golf and sightseeing in (more about that in future blogs).

Anyway, they stopped by the campground this morning and we took the short drive into White Springs to make good on my promise.

We seated ourselves at a cozy table and placed our order. In no time flat, the server arrived with our meals, and I held my breath for his reaction as he took his first bite and a big smile beamed across his face.

Breakfast at Fat Belly's

The verdict: Fat Belly’s gets a big thumbs up from the Breakfast King, who also commented that it was well worth the drive ~ and that’s saying a lot!

Did I mention his other gastronomic quest?… it’s burgers and fries.

Wonder how Fat Belly’s will stack up in that department.

Guess we’ll find out on his next trip.


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