Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 18, 2010

Attention Cat Lovers!

The other day, while in St. Augustine, Florida, we wandered into a Radio Shack to pick up a flash drive and a splitter for some electronics rigging we were doing in the camper.

While wandering the store in search of what we needed, we ran across a little something that stopped us dead in our tracks.

Ever hear of a Nano Hex Bug?

Well, if you have a cat, you will want to check this out…

Hex Bugs are battery powered microrobotic creatures that behave like real bugs, and the Nano is the perfect size to entertain your cat – and you too, for that matter – for hours!

The little thing measures just 1 1/2″ in length, and scurries around on bare floors (no carpet), via vibration, on a series of rubber legs – changing direction and flipping itself back over, should it get turned upside-down.

Nano Hex Bug

We picked one up for Gator Bait, and my brother-in-law picked one up for Lily, their cat.

The clerk at radio shack reassured us that it was a wise choice, as most of the individual Nanos he had sold were purchased for cats, and not for the intended purpose of being a child’s toy.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I had purchased other battery-powered creations before, on a quest for a cat toy that would keep Gator Bait’s interest for more than 5 minutes.

I’d had the most success with a laser pointer, but it didn’t take long before she figured out that it was “people-operated”, and then her cat pride would no longer permit her to lower herself to that silly game.

I’d also tried a small remote control car, but it made her uneasy because it was too noisy.

We figured it was worth $8 to put the old Nano to the test, so as soon as we got home, we pulled it out of the tube, flipped the switch and set it down on the floor.

It makes a slight buzzing sound, which instantly caught Gator Bait’s attention, causing her to go into attack mode. She crouched down under the table, watching that little creature buzz around…waiting for her chance to pounce.

It didn’t take long before the attack was in full swing. She flew across the room, batted the Nano, then jumped up sideways to  pose for a second strike…this time from the stairs…Keith and I watched with big, stupid grins on our faces, as she chased that bug around, all over the house, attacking and retreating, until we decided we all could use a break, and flipped the switch back off.

We’ve been proud Nano owners for several days now, and I am happy to report that Gator Bait has not yet become bored with her new toy, and neither have we. It’s perfect entertainment for those moments when you don’t really want to do anything, but you also don’t want to just sit around.

If you are still looking for the best gift ever for the felines on your Christmas list, I suggest you scurry over to Radio Shack and pick up a Nano…..or you can order online at


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