Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 22, 2010


It was just about one year ago that Keith and I joined the “Escapees RV Club”, (the acronym is “SKP”) which bills itself as “A total support group for RVers”.

They are not exaggerating.

The club, based out of Livingston, Texas, was founded by a small group of full-time RVers who banded together in 1978.

The club now boasts 64,000 members, and a world-wide presence.

Club services provide everything from helpful tips for those living the RV lifestyle, to home health care at the Rainbow’s End park in Livingston.

Membership dues are only $60 per year, with a one-time $10 new member fee.

Our primary interest in the club was its mail forwarding service, which we have found to be efficient and professional.

We set aside funds in a mail service account, and simply send an e-mail to the club when we want our mail forwarded. They ship it out in a batch to wherever we may be.

Plus – and this is my favorite part of the service – they will shred every single piece of your junk mail if you give them permission! Believe me, this greatly reduces the mail that we have to deal with, and we love it.

We have also taken advantage of the club’s expertise and support while going through the process of becoming Texas residents and procuring truck and RV insurance.

We receive regular newsletters via e-mail, and a magazine subscription along with our membership.

You can be as involved as you care to, as an SKP member – joining special interest groups or attending local or regional gatherings throughout the year.

There are also a number of SKP RV parks that offer reduced site fees for members as they travel across the country.

If you are even toying with the idea of taking off on a traveling adventure, you owe it to yourself to visit the Escapees website to see if you could benefit from its valuable services.


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