Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 24, 2010

Our Holiday Gift to You

Holiday Pic

Christmas Eve 2010

After many hours in the music room with our digital recorder, we have finally managed to learn the most basic of its operating modes, and actually recorded a couple of holiday songs as our gift to you this season.

We recorded “live” – guitars and vocals simultaneously, with no effects, mixing or chance to edit mistakes…needless to say, it took many takes to get something we could actually post ~ and although they are not perfect, they will have to do for this year!

Of course, the recording process was just the beginning. Once we had something on the digital recorder, we had to figure out how to get it onto the computer…then there was the task of converting our .wav files to mp3 files, and for that piece we give credit to my son, who hooked us up with an easy-to use converter program and instructions on how to use it.

So many challenges, and so much to learn, but now that we are on the other side of it all, we are ready to go back to the recording studio and do it again!

Hope you enjoy our labor of love…Merry Christmas to All!

(Just click on the song name to listen ~ one note: they sound best when you listen through stereo speakers)

Santa Baby

Blue Christmas



  1. Thank you for those selections! They were wonderful! We especially liked “Santa Baby”. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy 2011!
    Chris & John

    • Glad you enjoyed the tunes. We enjoyed your holiday card and letter. Sounds like you had a fun year!

  2. Carmen is a BIT (understatement) challenged at this computer thing but you two certainly aren’t…..FUN. Loved it.

    Your Christmas was a fun time . Enjoyed your wine making experience and glad you have new friends to share life with.

  3. Wonderful songs. Wish I could have been there to sample your Dandelion Wine! Have viewed the photos of your brand new grandson. He is sooo precious!

    Much happiness & good health in New Year 2011!

  4. More music please!

    • If all goes well, we should have more music to post by mid-January.

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