Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 6, 2011

Going Coastal

It’s been one week since our first trip to Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico, and that place has been haunting us ever since we left.

Today, we are making a day trip visit, and have managed to rustle up some errands to do on the way ~ to justify the extravagance. (don’t know why we think it has to be justified…we simply want to / have to go back!)

It’s a two hour drive to Cedar Key, but we are extending the drive by checking out the location of a recording studio we heard about from a local music shop. It’s located in Newberry ~ about an hour down the road toward our main destination.

We will also be stopping to check out three campgrounds in and near Cedar Key, as potential sites to hang our hats for a while, after we end our workamping here in White Springs, and before we go north to New York.

One of the campgrounds is called Low-Key Hideaway…we love the name! And, if you read “About Us” on the website, you will learn that we are not the only folks who have felt the pull of Cedar Key!

Once we have completed our errands, we’ll head straight for Kona Joe’s, pull our guitars out of the truck, and play for drinks and tips on his patio. I’m bringing my Toca drum, and hopefully he can sit in on some tunes, in between customers.

The weather will only be in the low 60’s today, but we’ll suffer through somehow.

Excuse the short post for the day, but we’re in a hurry to get on the road ~ we’re “going coastal”!



  1. How long do you have to stay in White Springs?

    • At least through the end of February, but we can stay longer if we want to. It’s pretty flexible.

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