Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 9, 2011

When All Else Fails…

“Hire a Pro” ~ and that is just what we did today!

For months we have been attempting to generate a few quality recordings of our music to post on the blog, but we kept coming up short in the “mixing” department.

So, today we enlisted the services of our new friend, Rick, at Fox Run Studio, in Newberry, Florida.

Rick is a full-time musician who teaches guitar and plays in a successful regional blues band. He also happens to have a full-blown professional recording studio.

Rick at Fox Run

It is just about an hour drive to the studio from White Springs, and we arrived just before 1 p.m.

We visited for a while, set up, tuned, and got to work. At 3:24 we were on our way home. Amazing!

Rick made us feel comfortable right from the start, and he offered suggestions on song choices and delivery.

We recorded four tunes, and turned the project over to Rick.

He will do the editing, (the part we fall short on), over the next week or so, and provide us with finished songs to share.

It was a pretty painless process that has inspired us to consider producing an album ~ sometime ~ you know how us retired folks are.

Thanks to Rick for helping us achieve our goal of getting our music out on the web.

So stay tuned…don’t touch that dial…”Me and My Baby” will be on the airwaves soon!



  1. We’re anxious to hear the songs!

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