Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 12, 2011

Getting Back in Shape

Ah yes, the new year…and it’s hard to admit that I added a few extra lbs. over the holidays, in addition to the few extra lbs. gained via a laid-back retirement lifestyle. But, it’s true, so it’s back to no carbs – or as few as I can live with, and back to daily exercise that is more rigorous than the lovely walks Keith and I have been taking for the past two months.

Some days, as I have mentioned, we walk over the river and through the woods (literally) into White Springs, which makes a three mile trip.

Other days we meander around for an hour or so, but it’s leisurely walking – mostly in companionable silence – just taking in the views and the sunshine.

That just won’t cut it, though, so the past few days I dragged out Leslie Sansone’s “Fast and Firm – 4 Really Big Miles” DVD. So far I have survived two consecutive sessions.

I actually enjoy it…It’s a fast-paced hour long workout to music, based on a series of movements done while walking, sidestepping, kicking, tapping and light jogging. Periodically, upper body work with an exercise band is added to the footwork, and believe me, you can really work up a sweat in those 4 miles.

Supposedly the workout will burn off one meal per day, so I am optimistic that I will see some results in a week or two, which will give me the incentive to continue.

Now Keith and I certainly don’t plan to let Leslie Sansone come between us and our outdoor walking, but she’ll give me the boost I need to get ready for tank tops and shorts!

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going…and if you are also facing the new year with a similar goal, I would enjoy learning your tips and hearing how you are doing on your quest for a better you 🙂


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