Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 19, 2011

Regional Airports: One more time

Flying into the Newport News airport is like coming home.

It’s a small and friendly airport with all the amenities, but none of the hassle.

I’ve been there twice…once to pick up my youngest daughter when she flew in for a baby shower last October, so I was not there as a passenger, but rather as a “waiter”.

Keith and I drove the short drive from Williamsburg. The airport was easy for out-of-towners to find, and there was parking very close to the terminal.

Once inside, we sat in comfortable rocking chairs lined up along a big window, so that we could watch flights as they took off and landed.

There is only one waiting area, and a small number of ticket counters, but they seem to serve the local population well. My daughter arrived, we hugged, took a short walk to the truck and drove back to Williamsburg. It was too easy!

When I flew in to Newport News I had the same stress-free experience. I walked off the plane, made a quick pit stop, and walked to the luggage pick-up area. Much to my amazement, my suitcase was already there ~ when was the last time that happened to you at an airport?

My son-in-law was waiting in the “cell phone lot” to pick me up. They set up a special parking area for people who are picking up a traveler. You simply wait there until you get a call and then drive up to the terminal to pick them up. Genius!

So, I picked up my suitcase, made a call, and in no time flat I was on my way to Williamsburg to meet my new grandson. What a way to travel.

Here is a picture of us this morning while I was baby-sitting…


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