Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 23, 2011

New Technology for an Old Standard

When my babies were in diapers, I used disposables, since I was a working mom and didn’t want to spend the time I thought it would take to use cloth diapers. Plus, after the guilt created by a horrible childhood accident, during which I stuck my baby brother with a pin while changing his diaper ~ boy did he scream ~ the thought of using those giant diaper pins scared me half to death.

The disposables of 30 years ago were quite different from what we have today…elastic around the legs had not been invented yet, which made for some pretty messy baby clothes! And, although they weren’t cheap, I don’t recall that they took as much out of the family budget as modern day disposables.

My daughter and her husband made the decision to cloth diaper, and when I saw how those diapers had changed, I could understand why! Today you can buy the cutest little cloth diapers, some are already folded and shaped to the contour of a baby’s bottom. They have elastic around the legs, and come complete with a set of snaps so those diaper pin worries are a thing of the past.

Here is a picture of an unhappy Bennett, modeling these diapers…(he’s wet)

Other diaper models are pre-folded and shaped, and make use of these clever little “T-shaped” rubber closures that hook onto either side of the diaper, and down the front. Amazing.

Here is a picture of a happier Bennett, modeling the spiffy rubber closure…(he’s dry)

I am sure that you can probably still find those large old-fashioned diapers that require much folding before use, but I can’t think of any reason to use them other than for burp cloths.

Once you have cloth diapered the contemporary baby, you add a diaper cover, not the plastic pants I knew of. Bennett has several different varieties…some are wool (naturally wet-proof), some have snaps and resemble the snapping diapers, and others have velcro. All are made of nice, soft material, and not the crinkly, crunchy plastic of plastic pants from days gone by.

Lucky are the babies of today…how times change!


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