Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 31, 2011

Cedar Key Sunset

After yet another heavenly day at Cedar Key on Saturday, Keith and I drove to the far west of the isle to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

We weren’t the only ones with the idea ~ there were at least a dozen other folks, cameras in hand, gathered at the end of the runway to the local airstrip, to witness this daily event that never ceases to amaze.

At 6:06, shutters were snapping wildly, as we all attempted to capture the moment, which never is as breathtaking in my photos as it is in real life, but I offer the picture below, anyway…

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico at Cedar Key

Earlier in the day, we stopped at Sunset Isle RV Resort to take in a tour of vintage campers whose owners ~ members of the “Tin Can Tourists” ~ were having a rally at the campground. Lots of old Airstreams and Shastas…some Avions and a few others. It was fun to see how they were decorated, and it was surprising how roomy some of them were.

After our tour, we drove over to the Cedar Key Grocery store to pick up drinks, chips and some subs from the Deli for lunch. I selected “The Italian”, while Keith bravely chose “The Nightmare” ~ a tasty combo of meats, cheese and lots of jalapenos (the latter ingredient being the namesake for the sandwich).

We took our lunch to a picnic table nestled between two palm trees, on the sand at the beach, and enjoyed a leisurely picnic while gazing out to sea. The sky was an incredible blue, the air was warm with a gentle breeze, and people were out in full force…children on the playground, kayaks and fishing boats out on the water, dogs racing about to chase balls thrown into the water, kids on skateboards, and oldsters on park benches. Heavenly!

The sandwiches were excellent, but we decided it would be alright to treat ourselves to an ice cream from Kona Joe’s, so we took the short walk down the warf and said “HI” to Joe and his wife, Edie. They were exhausted from a 5-hour long rush of customers. Joe reported that when the weather hits 70 degrees, people come out of the woodwork, which was great for business, but hard on the feet.

We’d had every intention of playing some music at Joe’s in the afternoon, but it was just a bit cool on the deck, and Joe was tired, and we were so relaxed it would have been hard to work up the effort to drag the guitars out of the truck, so we happily settled for our ice cream, and more gazing out to sea.

I guess it was at that point that Keith mentioned it had been ages since he’d seen a sunset over the water, and we decided that since we had nothing pressing, we would drive west until we found a place where we could watch the sunset unobstructed by buildings or land. The airstrip was just the place.

And so, this post comes full circle with the sunset.

And then we drove home, while listening to NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion”.


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