Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | February 9, 2011

Mysterious Flamingos

There have been some strange happenings in our campground lately…wild and crazy creatures appearing overnight, to surprise us when we open our blinds in the morning.

When we first moved to Florida, and were setting up our campsite, I decided that some pink flamingos would be a nice touch ~ after all, we were in Florida!

We never even considered that it would be a difficult task to locate pink flamingos. As I said, “after all, we were in Florida!”

However, we were wrong.

After shopping for months, in all manner of places, in White Springs and the surrounding area, we made our way to St. Augustine in search for the elusive beasts, because someone had told us that pink flamingos were “everywhere down there”.

No such luck.

We had given up hope of ever capturing these creatures, and then the strangest thing happened a week or so ago…a gorgeous miniature pink flamingo was sitting perched outside our front door one morning when I let Gator bait out!

It is the cutest thing ~ and very tame…it hasn’t moved since it arrived. We considered ourselves very lucky that it found its way to our home, and have welcomed it with open arms.

First Mysterious Appearance

Then, this morning when I peeked outside to see if we had frost with our 29 degree temperatures, I stared in disbelief…a lovely pair of large flamingos were standing in the yard looking back at me!

They are beautiful…bright pink with giant black and yellow beaks…and they are actually standing in our yard ~ amazing ~ and what a lovely surprise!

Surprise Newcomers

We have confirmed the identity of the perpetrators of the first flamingo caper, and have suspicions that the same kind, sly and crafty folk are responsible for the newest arrivals.

We’ll check into the situation later today ~ it’s just first cup of coffee time at our house right now ~ and will give you an update if our suspicions hold true.

Aahh…Feburary 9th is going to be a good day…wonder if they are a mating pair!


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