Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | March 5, 2011

Back to the Studio ~ Music Update

OK. So I have decided to postpone returning to my “Off The Grid” series for one more day. I will have more time to myself on Sunday morning, to gather my wits about me and post on a serious subject.

Today is Saturday, and I’m just too casual to be serious 🙂

Yesterday afternoon, Keith and I drove back down to see Rick at Fox Run Studio in Newberry, to record a couple of new original songs.

Actually one is a song, and the other is more of a promotional piece for Sunset Isle Campground in Cedar Key, where we will be spending the summer.

A month or so ago, Bruce and Roberta, the campground owners, challenged Keith and I to write a song about the campground so they could put it on their website.

We unveiled it for the owners and their guests the last time we were down there, (previous post), and it got a big “thumbs up”, so we booked some studio time.

The other song we recorded yesterday is an autobiographical piece titled “Sunset Ride”.

It’s a musical tale of the inspiration for our “old age adventure”, and how we packed up and headed south with our black cat, camper and diesel truck.

We’ll put the full-blown version of it on our CD, but will post the acoustic version on the blog as soon as we get it back from Rick.

After our recording session, we stopped for lunch at the Backyard Barbecue in Newberry. It’s a nice, friendly place, and according to Rick, the only place in town where you will get consistently good food.

Our waitress explained the menu better than anyone ever explained a menu to me in my whole life! I ordered the pulled pork dinner, and Keith got the smoked turkey.

You could choose from a huge list of side dishes. I picked coleslaw and baked beans. Keith selected coleslaw and fries.

This was the second restaurant I’d been to in Florida where they served the coleslaw before the meal, as a salad course. In fact, this place even gave you the traditional packet of two cellophane-wrapped crackers along with your coleslaw, to reinforce the salad idea.

I am thinking this must be a southern thing. Anyone know for sure? I actually think it’s a good idea, since it gives you something to eat while you wait for your main course.

I didn’t have much time to munch on the coleslaw, though, as our meal was served quickly.

The coleslaw, baked beans and turkey were delicious. The pulled pork was OK, but I will probably order the turkey the next time we dine there.

The portions were generous, and we did end up taking some home, along with refills on our beverages.

When you order a non-alcoholic beverage other than water, it’s served in a giant plastic cup, and after your meal, they refill it one last time, and you can pick up a top for your cup at the register and take your beverage with you when you leave.

I thought it was ingenious…I bet they save a bundle on washing all those glasses, and they make brownie points with customers at the same time. Talk about a win! win!

On the way home after our meal, we stopped to browse at the antique mall in High Springs. It’s a huge building filled with fun stuff to look at. I am on an eternal quest for the perfect teapot, and probably will never find it, ’cause then what could I shop for?

Keith always has fun looking at everything. Yesterday, he located lots of Barbie’s – potential gifts for grand-daughters, a juke box filled with Rock and Roll tunes, and a 1948 Tucker car model. I’d never heard of a Tucker car, but Keith shared the story. (In case you didn’t know this, Keith is pretty much a motor-head)

We returned home after our excursion and rehearsed a few songs for this evening. It’s the first Saturday of the month coffeehouse at the Stephen Foster Folk Life Center, and we plan to play one more time before we leave for Cedar Key in April.

Tonight we’ll play “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” ~ the first song we learned together, “Columbus Stockade Blues” ~ an old traditional song about the prison in Georgia, and “Sunset Ride” ~ our new song. Hope I can remember the words!



  1. Our Pizza Hut in Douglass does the same thing with drink refills. They give you a refill of your softdrink to take with you. You don’t have to ask for it; they ask if you would like to have one. I’d never heard of that before – especially at a Pizza Hut. Maybe it’s a small town thing.

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