Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | March 23, 2011

Spring Celebrations

Whatever your personal belief system may be, this time of the year is one to celebrate.

Trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, and ~ at least in most of the country ~ it is beginning to look and feel like Spring.

Wild azaleas blooming on the Suwannee River bank

Last Sunday was the vernal equinox…the official beginning of the Spring season, and the day on which the length of daylight hours equals the length of night-time hours…a day of balance ~ perfect, so to speak ~ yin equals yang, black equals white, and everything “good” cancels out everything “bad”.

Sounds like the perfect time for a celebration, and there will be people all over the globe honoring the core of what the equinox means, even though the celebrations may take place over the next few weeks, rather than on the actual day, and may be cloaked in other words and symbolism.

Those who honor the turning of the seasons spent the equinox rejoicing in the triumph of light over darkness, the rebirth of the earth, and the renewal of hope that comes with the spring.

Christians will hold off their rejoicing for a few more weeks, but the concept of their feast of Easter is still the same…death and rebirth ~ but for these believers, it is the death and rebirth of Christ that is meaningful, rather than that of the earth.

For the Jewish people, this time of year, Passover is celebrated….in honor of the time in their history when a slain lamb’s blood smeared on doorposts would save the lives of their first born sons…the death and salvation (“rebirth”) theme appears again.

There are other spiritual persuasions and cultures who honor the changing of the seasons, but I can only speak for those with whom I am somewhat familiar.

At any rate, it appears to me that the first day of spring, or vernal equinox, or whatever you choose to call this time of year, IS one to celebrate, as we welcome the return of warmth, vibrancy and joy to our world.

No matter how you feel about the season, I hope that you find a reason for joy this spring, as our earth warms and brightens….as plants and animals peep their tentative heads out of the earth after winter slumbers, and humanity searches for truth and meaning in their lives.



  1. I meant another great entry for YOUR book!

    • I have naive hopes that someone will run across the blog someday and see what you see, and simply offer to turn it into a book 🙂

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