Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | March 30, 2011

Suwannee Swan Song

Last Friday night was our final performance at Suwannee Valley Campground for the winter workamping season, and the weather was finally perfect for an outdoor show.

Last show of the season at Suwannee Valley Campground

There is a wonderful gazebo near the cook-out area, and we set up our sound system there, so campers could listen while they enjoyed tasty Angus burgers and hot dogs for their first course, followed by ice cream sundaes for dessert.

We enjoy playing in the open air in daylight. It’s much easier to connect with the audience when you can see them, and the atmosphere is much more alive. Performing on stage with spotlights plunges all but the first row of the audience into darkness and it’s kind of like playing in an empty room.

So, this show, while I was playing and singing, I took some time to really watch the folks sitting in their lawn chairs ~ to look them in the eyes and see the expressions on their faces…to smile and connect…to let them know that I was singing for them…to notice their toes tapping to the rhythm, or the smiles on their faces as our songs reminded them of days gone by, and to catch them singing quietly to an old favorite tune.

Suwannee Valley guests enjoying the show

It was a gorgeous evening, and when the show was over, we enjoyed visiting with those who stopped by to thank us and to let us know they liked what they heard.

This kind of feedback is what keeps us going. The ability to make music is a gift we have been given, and it has no meaning unless we share it with others.

Thank you, Suwannee Valley Campground, for giving us the opportunity to share our music with your guests for the past 5 months.

We had the time of our lives, made lots of new friends, and survived the winter without seeing a single snowflake!

We also had time to develop as musicians, performers and songwriters…and will always remember you as the place we wrote the saga of our lives…”Sunset Ride”. .


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