Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 6, 2011

5 a.m. Wake-Up Call

Our first morning, yesterday, as Sunset Isle residents came early.

Deep sleep was abruptly broken by the sound of car horns honking like crazy in the darkness.

It was as if a car of wild teenagers coming home from a drunken binge was parading back and forth on the road in front of the campground, laying on the horn.

OK. so that was my interpretation. Keith had another, more plausible one, which turned out to be accurate…

The predicted severe storms scheduled to arrive just before dawn were on their way, and one of the campground residents who owns a weather radio had received the alert and was bellowing out a warning to his fellow men.

Immediately there was a scurry about the camp. Doors opening and closing, windows slamming shut, and slippered feet scuffling toward the clubhouse.

The night sky above was still sprinkled with stars, so we knew we had some time.

We proceeded to corrall the cat into her carrier, stash the guitars safely in their cases, dress in appropriate storm garb, collect computer and other personal belongings, and proceed – with dignity- to the cute little cinder block structure that would (hopefully) protect us from harm.

Our refuge from the storm

A crowd of people and their pets had already gathered when we arrived…weather radios and TV blared out warnings,  and nervous chatter flowed freely as we learned of a tornado near Chiefland, just a half hour away.

Luckily, tornadoes generally move northeast, and since we were south of the town, we held out hope that it would track in the usual manner.

After waiting for about an hour, the storm finally arrived, and the windows of the clubhouse rattled and bowed as the wind howled outside.

The big blast didn’t last too long, and afterward we received a nice downpour, which slowly dwindled to nothing by 10 a.m. when Keith and I were scheduled to report to work.

Keith spend his shift patrolling the park for downed limbs and litter, while I worked in the office/restaurant.

The day ended well, as we watched a gorgeous sunset on calm waters, with just a few stray clouds left overhead.

The early morning storm proved to be a unique way to meet and greet our neighbors…and provided fodder for this blog post.

The next round of severe weather is predicted for next week.

We’ll see how that goes!




  1. So glad to hear that you have a safe place to go during storms. I wondered if the storms were reaching you when I was watching the Weather Channel. Take care.

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