Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 15, 2011

Fish Story

The past couple of days the fish have been biting like crazy in Cedar Key waters…redfish, mullet, catfish, and even stingrays have been snagged by guys fishing off our docks.

In fact, those fish have been so active that one of the guys at our campground had a 3 ft. long mullet jump right into his kayak as he paddled around in the shallows!

Now, you may think that this was a good thing ~ fresh fish without having to drop a line in the water ~ but he was certainly not a happy camper.

Keith happened to be near the shore at the time, and heard a huge commotion so he stopped to investigate.

There was this guy sitting in a kayak, totally freaking out…arms flailing, hollering frantically, and whacking the fish with his paddle…trying desperately not to capsize.

It was quite a sight!

He never did get the fish out of the kayak while he was still on the water, but he did manage to make it to shore….completely rattled…with the bloody fish still in the boat.

Haven’t seen him back out on the water since!

Unfortunately, Keith and I haven’t had time to do any fishing, but it’s exciting to know that we could be catching fish if we tried.

Maybe we should rent a kayak?!


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