Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 23, 2011

Me and My Babies

The past two days have been a whirlwind of activity, as anyone who has spent time with a four-month-old will understand.

The time whizzes by, between feedings and changings, “giggles and goos”, and ~ when you’re lucky ~ a nap or two!

Grammy and Bennett

Grandpa has been brushing up on his funny faces and silly noises, which entertain Bennett to no end.

He can’t wait to take “the boy” out fishing and introduce him to other such “manly” activities.

Just the Three of Us

Yesterday, my daughter decided to dub me with a new name in honor of my musical side…so now, my old title of “Grandma Babsie” has been replaced with “Grammy”. I like it!

And, in order to live up to my name, we decided to start Bennett out right, and give him an introduction to the guitar.

Who knows, between our influence, his mom’s sweet rhymes, and his dad’s singing of Bob Dylan songs, we may have a star on on our hands.

Guitar 101 ~ Bennett Style

For Easter, Keith and I have been working on a fun little musical surprise for Bennett, so we’re looking forward to tomorrow when we can share it!


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