Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 27, 2011

Bennett’s Marvelous Toy

Our fun few days with Bennett and his parents are now a treasured memory and we find ourselves back in Cedar Key.

We hit the ground running at the campground yesterday and didn’t have time to post about  our Easter gift for Bennett, so I will do that now….

Long ago, I fell in love with the Peter, Paul and Mary song, “The Marvelous Toy”.

It’s a sweet story about a dad who gives his son an amazing toy, which he loves, and which ~ in due time ~ the son then passes on to his own son.

The song was an inspiration for Bennett’s Easter gift, and after deciding that we would record it for him, we started the search for just the right “marvelous toy” to go along with it.

It had to be a robot ~ no other toy would do.

But, what kind of robot is age appropriate for a four-month-old?

Not many, as it turns out.

We finally ran across a cute little guy who is operated by a simple remote, geared toward the 12-month age group, so we took a chance and ordered it to be delivered to Bennett’s house.

Once we had located the robot, we pulled out the digital audio recorder and got to work…changing just a few of the words to the song, to personalize it for Bennett.

On Easter morning, we presented him with his gift, all wrapped up in paper and bows…

Once he got past the wrappings, here is what he saw…

The little robot was so cute ~ with great big eyes and a big, round belly, and it made all manner of giggling and beeping sounds, just like a robot should.

Once we got it out of the box and pressed the remote, Bennett was quite intrigued with this strange creature, especially when it laughed in a very real sounding voice.

He watched intently as it moved around and spoke in a child’s own special language.

We have no clue what he was thinking and he tired of it before too long, but just the same, here is a little video of Bennett with his marvelous toy….“Bennett’s Marvelous Toy Video”.

You can also watch a video of us playing our version of the song for Bennett here…“Bennett’s Marvelous Toy Song”. It’s only a 90 second cut, but you will get the idea.

And, if you’re interested, you can click on the audio link below to hear the song in its entirety on mp3.

Thanks to Bennett for being such a good sport, and thanks to his mom who helped us out by sharing her videos!



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