Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 3, 2011

Back to the Black Dog

Musically speaking, it’s been an interesting few days…last Thursday, we ran into one of the owners of the Black Dog Bar, where we played several weeks ago.

He was enjoying breakfast at the AdaBlue Cafe and asked if we would like to do another show, on Wednesday, May 4th.

Of course, it was a no-brainer decision for us, and we were excited to have another chance to play at that great venue.

Then, last Friday afternoon, we stopped to admire the “back porch” of  a fifth wheel parked in our campground, and while talking to the owners, found out that he was a guitar player. So, we invited him to join us for our regular Friday nigh show at the campground that evening.

Now, you never know what you will get when you make an invitation like that. Could be that he plays like Jimi Hendrix, but he could also play like your Uncle Jimmy who never got past Guitar 101!

So, we were pleasantly surprised when Matt pulled a lovely Martin out of his case and proceeded to “fatten up” our sound and play right along with every song in our repertoire.

We had a great time ~ even though I don’t look like it in the picture, below.

So great, in fact that we spent the next 4 1/2 hours, making music for a small but appreciative audience which included Matt’s wife, Gail, and their dog, Freeway.

Making Music on the Clubhouse Deck at Sunset Isle RV

Matt was such a great addition to our sound, we asked if he would still be in town to join us at the Black Dog on Wednesday.

As it turns out, (fate must have had a hand in his travel plans), Wednesday would be his and Gail’s last night at Cedar Key, and he would be able to join us.

So…that plan made, we worked up some flyers to take around town to promote the show, (see below), and last night we rehearsed. Sounded pretty good if we do say so ourselves!

We’ve invited the owners of the Island Hotel and Kona Joe’s (new location to be announced soon) to the show, and hopefully they will like what they hear so we can expand to other venues in Cedar Key.

Either way, we’ll have a great time as we continue with our life journey, making music and friends along the way!



  1. Sounds like life continues to be good for you two – glad to hear the news. Love the new design of the blog page too. Our best to you both!

    • Glad you like the new look…hope all is well in Grove!

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