Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 4, 2011

The Pink Dream Fairy

A while back, in my post on Suwannee Springs, I mentioned a lifelong fascination with fairies.

I also mentioned a little story I had written in 2nd or 3rd grade, titled “The Pink Dream Fairy”.

A couple of my regular readers commented that they would like to read it.

So, here ~ in its naive entirety ~ is the story, complete with a crazy, rather abrupt, surprise ending that even I did not recall until I re-read it recently when I unearthed it from a plastic bin of mementos while visiting my daughter in Virginia.

A scan of the original, handwritten on pink paper ~ of course ~ appears below, along with teacher’s corrections.

Don’t ask me about my diamond obsession or why a Pink Dream Fairy would be all dressed in blue….who knows what was going on in my head that day!

Front Page ~ "The Pink Dream Fairy"

Back Page ~ "The Pink Dream Fairy"



  1. Thanks for sharing your Pink Fairy story. I had a few chuckles while reading. You have a wonderful imagination!

    • Glad you enjoyed the story…and thanks for asking for it. I never would have posted it without your request!

  2. Wow – cool story & cool pink paper, too! I like your new blue theme. Hugs to you and Keith! Susan

    • It’s great to know that you still check up on us. Our best to everyone in Robinson! Stay tuned for a new update on music in Cedar Key!

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