Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 6, 2011

Making Music and Friends Along the Way ~ Gail and Matt

Yesterday morning, our new friends, Gail and Matt, and their little dog, Freeway, pulled out of the campground to continue their travels, with a promise to return sometime over the summer ~ provided there are no hurricanes in the forecast!

New Friends, Gail, Matt and Freeway

We’d spent the evening before at the Black Dog…Matt, Keith and I entertaining, while Gail took photos and faithfully applauded every song.

Of course, Freeway was in attendance too, and would occasionally bark her comments (hopefully approval).

The weather was great so we set up on the front deck and aimed our speakers at the street to entice people strolling along Dock St. to stop in.

Several of the folks from Sunset Isle came by to support us, enjoy a glass of wine and sing along to the lyrics of the oldies in our repertoire…I am told that a couple were even spotted dancing in the street.

It was a fun evening, and the Black Dog owner enjoyed the show enough to ask us to be his regular Wednesday night house band for the rest of the summer. We are excited!

Matt will join us when he’s in town, but most weeks it will be “Me and My Baby” performing our oldies show from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Black Dog Bar and Tables.

Join us if you can!


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