Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 7, 2011

Breakfast at Annie’s Cafe

The AdaBlue Cafe at Sunset Isle is closed this weekend so the campground owners can attend their daughter’s college graduation.

Since Keith and I generally eat our meals there, this meant that we would have to choose another location for our Saturday morning breakfast…cooking at home was just not an option!

Normally we would have headed straight for Kona Joe’s Island Cafe, but he is in the process of moving to a new location, so we were forced to move on to unexplored territory. Annie’s Cafe was our choice.

It was a gorgeous morning. Sun shining but not yet beating down, with a slight breeze to wash away the heat, so we decided to walk down the road to Annie’s and get some exercise along with our meal.

We took a leisurely stroll past an odd collection of houses of all sizes, bridges over the Gulf, clamming operations, a marina, the Island Pizzeria and Blue Desert Cafe, finally arriving with an appetite, at Annie’s.

Annie's Cafe, Cedar Key, FL

As with most Cedar Key establishments, it’s a quaint, rustic place that serves good food in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

You can choose to dine in the main room…

Main Dining Room

…the screened porch off the main dining room, or the patio deck, which is much larger than indicated in this photo:

Annie's Patio

We seated ourselves and were quickly greeted by a server.

The breakfast menu offered everything we could ever want for this particular meal, including the “Cedar Key Special Breakfast” of mullet, grits, and sliced tomato, with toast or a biscuit, for $11.25.

Keith was tempted, and said he would order it at some point, but today he selected the Western Omelet with grits and a biscuit.

I opted for a breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon and cheese, on rye.

At the bottom of the menu there is a short little anecdote about Annie’s, which reads:

“Annie was my great-grandmother and she had a small cafe at this location when I was growing up. The old photo on the wall shows her with the first ever jukebox in Cedar Key, and the other pictures give you an idea what her little place was like. When I opened Annie’s, I wanted to prepare the same wonderful home-cooked food she was famous for. This is where the local Cedar Key people gather and eat. Like our little town, we’re a little out of the way, but we’re worth finding. Welcome, and enjoy your meal with us. Glenda.”

We located the old photo of Annie standing proudly by the jukebox, but it had faded so badly with time that it was almost ghostlike, so we can’t show it to you here, but if you happen to head down to Cedar Key, you can see Annie for yourself. Just look for the bright yellow sign with red lettering, on the right side of the road, after the bridge over Channel 3, and a bit past the only gas station in town!

Our meals were served quickly, the service was great, and we left with empty plates and full bellies for the 30 minute walk back to the campground.

Keith relaxing before the trek home from Annie's

We did make one stop – at Southern Cross Sea Farms to pick up a bag of middleneck clams for Mother’s Day dinner tomorrow. We’ll try our hand at cooking them on the grill ~ we’re told it’s easy as can be….just put them on the grill and wait until they pop open.

I’m sure that will be an experience for another post: “Landlubbers cooking fresh seafood”. We’ll let you know how it goes!


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