Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 19, 2011

Uncle Keith’s Chicken Enchiladas

Yesterday, Keith made his debut as a chef at the AdaBlue Cafe.

He had volunteered to cook up a batch of his fabulous chicken enchiladas, as the Wednesday Lunch Special.

You don’t see much Mexican food down here in Florida…one of our cafe coworkers didn’t even know what refried beans were!

And, although there was some question as to whether or not enchiladas would even sell, the cafe owners were willing to give it a try, so Keith set to work around 8 a.m.

Chef Keith at AdaBlue Cafe

There were chickens to cook, and rice and beans to prepare, olives to chop, cheese to be grated, and tortillas to be filled with the tasty result of these efforts.

It was my day off in the cafe, but I did contribute by making the “Today’s Special” sign which read: “Uncle Keith’s Chicken Enchiladas with Spanish Rice and Refried Beans / $7.00”.

As the lunch hour approached, guests began to pour in, and the enchiladas were plated up and carried to tables of hungry diners as fast as the kitchen staff could work.

They were a big hit, and one of the “regulars” came back into the kitchen to tell the cafe owners that it would be super if the enchiladas could be a part of the regular menu. Great work, Uncle Keith!

The last of the enchiladas was served a little after 1 p.m., and a tired Keith walked back to the camper for some well-deserved relaxation after a hectic morning in the kitchen.

His next stint as a chef will be this coming Saturday, when he will prepare breakfast orders ~ short order cooking ~ of everything from pancakes, to breakfast croissants, to omelets, french toast and eggs.

One thing he learned for certain from his experience yesterday is that it’s fun to be a chef every now and then but it  would not be his cup of tea on a daily basis!



  1. Sweet! Great job, Keith! And, yes, for sure, sometimes dabbling in our favorite activities is ultimately more fun than dedicating our lives to them. But, oh man, can the dabbling be a blast! =)

    • You are so right….Keith has every intention of keeping his “chefdom” in dabbling status!

  2. Will Uncle Keith share his recipe?

    • Unfortunately, when Uncle Keith cooks, he “fries by the seat of his pants”, so there is no recipe to share, but he’ll mix up a batch at Winfield if you like!

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