Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 2, 2011

Back in Business…finally!

My blogging hiatus for the Memorial Day weekend certainly lasted longer than anticipated, but I believe we’re finally back in business.

The weekend itself was  hectic and fun.

Both Keith and I worked extra hours in order to assure that all campground guests had a good experience.

In addition, we played our first Friday night show at the Black Dog, from 5-8 p.m. The bar patrons seemed to enjoy our “Blast from the Past Oldies Review”, and we couldn’t have had a better time than just sitting there, drinking beer, and playing music while gazing out onto the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes I think I should pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming!

Our Saturday night show at the campground started out slowly, but after a while the music lured a nice group of folks into the clubhouse. They were definitely in holiday weekend party mode, and we ended up playing from 7-10:30 when our fingers just couldn’t take any more!

A younger (as in younger than us!) guitar player named Nick sat in with us for an hour or so, and brought his influence to the set, with songs like Hotel California and Sister Goldenhair. With Nick playing rhythm, it gave me the chance to drag out the drum, tambourine and shakers and add some percussion to the mix.

It was a nice change and everyone had such a good time that they persuaded us to play again on Sunday night.

Since Sunday was an “off-the-clock” show, so to speak, the door was wide open for a rolicking good time, and that is what we had. Keith and I stuck with the “Oldies Review” theme, and three of the female guests from the night before went out and bought wild, fringed, tie-dyed shirts to wear for the show.

They looked amazing, especially when they stood behind us and danced and sang along as “Keithettes”. We are still waiting for some photos of the Keithettes to arrive via email, and we promise to update this post with pics when we receive them.

We have been fortunate to have really receptive audiences in the past, but these guys get the award ~ they were so much fun, and actively participated by singing, dancing, paying shakers and tapping toes.

Monday morning took them back to home and jobs, but they promised to return in the fall, and we certainly hope they do!

I awoke Monday morning with a full-blown cough/cold thing that caught me off-guard and knocked me down for days. Luckily it waited until I had time to take a few days off without feeling guilty about it!

I haven’t done much for the past 4 days, other than drag myself out of bed on Tuesday to make a trip to Gainesville to the Verizon store for a new charger for my wifi card.

As I mentioned in my last post, the charger died just before Memorial Day weekend and I could not believe how I missed the ability to get online in my camper anytime I needed to. Believe me, it got old fast when I was forced to carry my laptop up to the cafe every time I wanted to get online. I am spoiled!

So, with the holiday weekend carrying over into Monday, and the cold virus gobbling up the rest of the week, I find myself facing Friday once again.

We are scheduled back in the recording studio in the morning to record vocals over the guitar tracks we put down a couple of weeks ago. But, my voice isn’t quite back yet, so we’ll just have to record Keith, and then perhaps some percussion, and call it good for the day.

We will also most likely take the day off from the Black Dog, and it appears that the campground will be pretty dead this weekend, so we may just move into “forced relaxation” mode and spend the our days sunning and fishing. Anyone care to join us?



  1. It has taken some time to catch up on you “Wonderful Life”. Makes existance here in Kansas just that, existance. Be VERY careful with your cold/cough. My nephew died two weeks ago for not going to the doctor in time, with strep throat. Septic shock was the cause. So my dear, take care.

    Dick and I are fine. Dick plays in Augusta on Wednesdays and has re-organized his song book. I play games and water my flowers. We are dieting in hopes to look decent for my 55 year class reunion in September.

    All the Adelson’s are busy. Grandaughter Mandi is FINALLY getting a divorce. Mike and Jeff are playing with their pontoon boat. Santa Fe is completely dry so they go to El Dorado. Steve is still taking pictures.

    Keep up the happy times.

    Love, Carmen

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