Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 10, 2011

Sometimes you just have to ask for help

Neither Keith nor I are the kind of folks who run to the doc whenever something is wrong, but when we were going into our third week of cough/cold, we decided that perhaps we should get checked out.

So, on Wednesday we made appointments at the medical clinic in Chiefland ~ about 30 minutes away.

It was fortunate that the nurse practitioner was able to see us the same day we called, and after our check-ups, she determined that sinus infections had set in, and an antibiotic was in order.

I am no fan of antibiotics, but it was obvious that we weren’t getting any better with the defenses of our immune systems, so we stopped at Walgreens and headed home to start the 10-day regimen.

We were told that it would take about 48 hours to really notice a change, and we are closing in on that timeframe, already feeling somewhat better, but still far from 100%.

We felt terrible that we had to cancel both of our shows last weekend and didn’t want to repeat that scenario this weekend as well.

Yesterday was the first day in over two weeks that we actually picked up our guitars, just to see what would happen. Vocals were not pretty!

Keith fared a bit better than I did ~ there was just no power behind my voice ~ so we just played a few songs for the heck of it and called it good for the day.

Hopefully we can do better today…we have an afternoon show at The Black Dog on Sunday that we are committed to making good on.

I am surprised how much I’ve missed music these past few weeks. There is an inner energy that fills you up and lifts your spirits when you are singing and playing.

Perhaps it’s like a “runner’s high”.

But, whatever it is, I love the way that making music makes me feel, and I will be grateful to get my health and my voice back soon!



  1. Hope you’re feeling better!

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