Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 13, 2011

Back at it ~ Finally!

Yesterday morning, after sufficient coffee to open our eyes and get our blood pumping, Keith and I loaded up our guitars and sound system, and drove down to Dock Street in hopes of finding a parking spot in front of the Black Dog.

Our show didn’t start until 3 p.m., but parking is at a premium on Dock Street, so we decided to arrive early to set up and perform a sound check, and save ourselves some hassle later in the day.

It didn’t take long, and when we were through, we decided a hearty breakfast was in order. We picked a little diner that had recently opened ~ Ken’s Hot Rod Diner ~ which featured 50’s decor and music, and as it was already hot and humid at 10 a.m., we passed on the outdoor seating and chose a nice booth in the cold AC, overlooking Dock Street.

Keith ordered Eggs Benedict and fried potatoes, and I opted for an egg, 2 strips of bacon and rye toast. I know, not very exotic on my part, but that’s what sounded good to me at the time.

We enjoyed people-watching along with our meal…lots of tourists taking pictures…locals coming and going.

After breakfast, we did a little shopping at “Island Trading”, a new tourist-trap shop on Dock Street. We were searching for some appropriate island wear for the “Ugliest Hawaiian Shirt Contest” at the Black Dog on Father’s Day.

We figured it could take the entire week to find just the right shirt(s), so this would be the beginning of the quest.

Our efforts were actually rewarded. Keith found a shirt that just might win, and I picked up a long Hawaiian print dress that, though it might not win the contest, could actually be worn in public on other festive occasions.

A stop at “The Market” on the way home for a few necessities, and we had the rest of the day to ourselves, until showtime.

We arrived back at The Black Dog at 3 p.m., all decked out in tie-dye, to look the part for our “Blast From the Past Oldies Review”.

A nice crowd had gathered for an afternoon libation, and we soon had the place rocking. We all were having fun!

The beer and wine was flowing, the tip jar filling, toes were tapping, and we even had some audience participation on choruses.

I started the afternoon with some concerns about having a coughing or sneezing fit leftover from our recent bout with ill-health, but the music gods were smiling on me, and I managed to make it through without pubic humiliation.

One older gentleman in the crowd, sporting a long, grey ponytail, was having an especially good time. He sat at his table, eyes closed, smile on his face, mouthing the words to many of our songs.

During a break, we had a short chat. His name was Ben. He is 70 years old, and he knows all the old songs. 

Ben said that he thought we were great, and he even went so far as to compare us to Les Paul and Mary Ford….a true honor, though we think he exaggerated a bit!

As it turns out, Ben is the proud owner of an original Grateful Dead t-shirt ~ a collector’s item ~ which he promised to bring back and show us the next time he’s in town.

We sang “Friend of the Devil” in his honor and he left The Black Dog smiling. We made his day!

It made our day too…as I’ve said before, it’s the people we meet and the music we share that drives our lives.

It’s great to be back at it ~ finally!


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