Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 16, 2011

Geezers at the Beach

It’s been warm and humid here in Cedar Key, and since I did not have to report for work until 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Keith and I decided to go to the beach.

It always amazes me how uncrowded the lovely little city  beach and waterfront park are, compared to the southern California beaches I knew as a teenager.

We were joined in our gulfside adventure by a few families with young children, and a small group of teenage girls enjoying the sun and surf.

The children were scouring the shallows for shells, crabs, small fish, and whatever else they could find.

The teenage girls were chatting and giggling about their secrets, as girls that age are wont to do.

A group of young boys walked by, homing in on the young girls ~ heads turning for a good look at whatever they could get a look at.

We set up our chairs and happily roasted for about 45 minutes, gazing out to sea, before the heat overtook us and we headed for the refreshing salty water.

Sunning at Cedar Key Beach

You have to walk quite a way out before the water is even waist high, so swimming isn’t much of an option, but it sure felt good just to hang out in the Gulf!

Keith cooling his heels in the Gulf of Mexico

After cooling off, we sat, dried out and read our books ~ his, a tale of the 1896 Cedar Key Hurricane, and mine, a light and lively Garrison Keillor tale ~  until it was time for lunch.

We decided to dine at a picnic table in the shade, and pulled fresh peaches and pimento cheese on Basil and Olive Oil Triscuits from the cooler.

We took our time with lunch, and Keith entertained himself by feeding a flock of the local birds.

We sat in the sun for a while after lunch, then took another dip in the Gulf.

Once dry from that dip, we decided we’d had enough of the beach for the day so we headed home for showers and cold air conditioning.

I don’t know how we managed to spend the entire day at the beach as children ~ our visit, which satisfied all of our “beach needs” for quite some time, lasted just 2 hours!


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