Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 17, 2011

Day Trippin’

What a great Friday!

Our day started off earlier than usual…we had to be at the recording studio by 10 a.m., and it’s an hour drive, so our usual slow and easy morning of coffee and the computer was set aside for a quick cup with biscotti, and then loading guitars and such into the truck.

When we arrived in Newberry, our producer, Rick, had the studio ready to go ~ vocals on the first five songs for our CD were the order of the day.

Rick in the production booth at Fox Run Studio

Luckily, most of the songs featured Keith as lead vocalist, and he was in good form…it took a little over an hour to get his vocals down.

A happy Keith wraps up his vocals

I was not so lucky. Although my voice is much improved after being sick, it was obvious that I just didn’t have the power I needed to carry out the long notes at the high end of my range, so we called it a day, in hopes that the two weeks before our next session would give me the chance to get my power back.

It was a good day, though, as we had made progress toward our goal.

After leaving the studio, we drove the short distance to downtown Newberry for lunch at the Back Yard Barbecue.

We’d eaten there before, and both ordered the sliced smoked turkey…mine with coleslaw and baked beans, and Keith’s with coleslaw and french fries. We washed down this good meal with large glasses of sweet tea ~ what seems to be THE beverage of choice here in hot, steamy, Florida.

After lunch, we took a short walk down the street to check out a couple of thrift shops. We were on a quest for a truly ugly Hawaiian shirt for Keith to wear on Sunday, to the “Ugliest Hawaiian Shirt Contest” at the Black Dog….first prize is a $50 bar tab, and Keith wants to be a serious contender!

We perform our “Oldies Review” from 4-6 that day, and the contest is at 6 p.m. We’ll be sure to take some pictures of the winner and post them on the blog. Keith found a blue shirt with pink and purple fish all over it ~ pretty ugly in my book, but you never know what some of the other guys will come up with.

After procuring a shirt for the contest, we took a drive over to Fanning Spring State Park, which is one of a series of large springs which feature swimming in a beautiful natural setting, making them a good choice over the beach when it’s hot summer in Florida.

A $6 entrance fee gave us the use of the park until 8:30 p.m., when it closes.

The park reminded us of Manatee Springs, which is just 9 miles away. It’s set in the midst of the trees, and there are well-maintained wooden walkways to the spring itself.

The minute we climbed out of the truck, we could hear happy voices of people enjoying themselves, and after walking a short distance to the spring, we could see why.

Fanning Spring Headwaters

The spring is like a gigantic natural swimming pool, with floating docks on two sides, and natural bank formations on the other two sides.

The pool was filled with folks of all ages, shapes and sizes, enjoying the cool, clear waters flowing from the spring. After bubbling up from underground, the waters fill the swimming area and then flow 1/4 mile to the Suwannee River.

Fanning Spring State Park, Florida

There were a number of boats tied to the dock on the river side, and we thought how much fun it would be to take your own boat down the Suwannee for an afternoon swim at Fanning Springs.

We had our bathing suits with us, but were content on this trip to sit on the dock and dip our feet into the water, sip the remainder of our sweet tea, and watch the little children play, and the teenagers tease one another.

After relaxing for quite some time, we decided we’d milked about as much fun out of the afternoon as we possibly could, so we strolled back to the truck and drove back to Cedar Key, with the plan of returning for a full day at the spring, sometime in the near future.



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